What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Mine is the red fox. How does this relate to bookish things? More on that later …

So, the red fox is my spirit animal, I’m convinced. Not sure how this came about, to be honest. Back in the day, when friends started talking about spirit animals, I was like … “Huh? I have no idea! A bear? A whale? A wolf?”

There are plenty of articles on how to figure out what your spirit animal is, but I never spent time much time on it. The least of my worries, right?

Until just a few years ago. It suddenly became much clear to me that the cunning red fox was my spirit animal. I was drawn to this scurrying creature with its beautiful coat and cute little face. I began seeing it in the wild for the first time … in the woods in North Georgia; in the mountains of Colorado; darting along the roadside. It would appear on the television or in books. And one day it occurred to me … this is my guy!

Rear view red fox isolated on white background with bushy tail hunting through the freshly fallen snow in Algonquin Park in Canada. – Photo Credit Drago-Nika via Depositphotos.com

Spirit animals, many people confirm, are allies, protectors, guides, and teachers, and whenever the red fox shows up, I do find myself taking a moment to “listen” to the why of it all. Why did he show up right then?

The red fox is cunning, clever, intelligent, and resourceful. (Perhaps a little like me?) In fact, the Native American culture considers the red fox to be a sacred animal, a wise trickster, able to outwit predators. Certainly a valuable trait! The red fox also symbolizes the fresh starts, so when you see one, apparently you should take your shot at whatever you’ve been on the fence about. Today is the day of all the days, I imagine the red fox saying.

Close-up of a young red fox, in the snow, looking up at the camera. – Photo credit Cynbernesco via Depositphotos.com

[The red fox] symbolizes new beginnings, as the fox is one of the first animals to emerge from hibernation each spring. To Native Americans, the red fox is a reminder that even in the darkest winter months, new life always comes in time.


All that being said, as an author, I find this part of my spiritual journey quite fun and interesting. You certainly have to be clever, intelligent, and open to new beginnings as a writer … and definitely know how and when to make your move and to rise above the many pitfalls that come with the book industry. In fact, I’m in the process of adding some “fox-y” items to my office so I can really ride the winds of change.

NOTE: The information from this post is derived from countless sources, both written and spoken, about spirit animals and their meanings. If you’re interested in this topic, I encourage you to do your own research and see where it leads you.

A Writer’s Dream Come True

Earlier this year, I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime, at least in my eyes: to collaborate on a mystery book series with a bestselling author, who also just happened to be one of my longtime editing clients.

Cheryl Bradshaw is an indie writer with the mostest, and her talents are seemingly limitless. She not only authors a plethora of M/T/S (mystery, thriller, suspense) novels, she also has branched out in other areas, such as poetry and a variety of anthologies. She is a mentor to many budding authors and has even penned a how-to for mystery authors. Learn all about her at cherylbradshawbooks.com. She’s worth a follow, for sure.

When Cheryl approached me with the idea of creating a spinoff series based on her Sloane Monroe mysteries, I nearly choked on my coffee. Actually, it might have been wine. Point is, I jumped at the opportunity to write alongside her. Not just because she’s a big seller, but also because she’s a genuine, lovely person. This is something I know many writers dream about doing, myself included. And now my dream has come true.

The entire experience has been nothing but positive as we did our writing dance, brainstorming and plotting. In this spinoff mystery series, Sloane Monroe (semi-retired PI) and her best friend Maddie LaFoe (retired medical examiner) enjoy a girls’ getaway to the East Coast for the summer. The first stop? Tarpon Springs, Florida! What a joy it was to write about a town that I love so very much. I spent much of my formative years in that town, and in Tampa for my college years at the University of South Florida.

The Silent Boy (book 1 of the Sloane and Maddie: Peril Awaits series) is now live in eBook, audiobook, and paperback formats. Book 2, The Shadow Children, is nearing completion. Stay tuned for preorder and release dates, which are just around the corner.

… and BOOM … the dream is taking off.

Please join us on this blended-author mystery adventure. Below is a brief intro to The Silent Boy.

Private Investigator Sloane Monroe is about to face the most challenging case of her life, and this time, it hits a little too close to home.

In the dirty hallway of a local tavern, six-year-old Louie Alvarez plays with his race cars, waiting for his mother to take him home. A scream rips through the air. Louie freezes, then turns, staring at the room at the end of the hallway where the sound had come from.

His mom was in that room.

Louie inches toward the door and peeks through the crack. Inside, his mother begs for her life, but it’s far too late. Her fate has already been sealed. As a gunshot sounds off, a terrified Louie drops his race cars. In an instant, all eyes are on him, and there’s only one thing he can do now—run.

The Silent Boy is the first book in the Sloane Monroe spinoff series, Sloane and Maddie: Peril Awaits, written by New York Times & 11-time USA Today bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw and longtime editor Janet Fix. Together they’ve created a pulse-pounding, page-turning mystery series you’ll love. Grab your copy today and get swept up in a twisty tale of secrets and lies that will have you up reading all night.

LINKS TO BUY: Click HERE to find the retailer of your choice (such as Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple, among others).

I look forward to your feedback, now and always. Thank you for sharing in my excitement.

~ Janet